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This section includes the terms for visiting and using the Website of Kimteks Poliüretan San ve Tic. A.Ş. (Website).
This Website belongs to Kimteks Poliüretan San ve Tic. A.Ş., and all content (text, pictures, graphics, photographs, videos, etc.) contained on the website is protected under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and the Turkish Criminal Code No. 5237. The said content is protected under civil and criminal sanctions against any violation thereof under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846, the Turkish Criminal Code No. 5237, other copyright laws, international conventions and other intellectual property laws and agreements. In case of violations contrary to this, Kimteks Poliüretan San ve Tic. A.Ş has the right to take legal action.


All the information contained on this Website and the links on this website are provided to inform the visitors.
In case you access any page of this Website, you are deemed to accept the below-specified terms. If you don’t accept these terms, you should not access the Website.


The information and materials contained on this Website cannot be changed, reproduced, published, distributed, and communicated to the public, stored for future use, used for commercial purposes or translated into another language, without consent of Kimteks Poliüretan San ve Tic. A.Ş.


Anyone who uses the Website is deemed to have accepted the terms of use that will be applicable to them from the moment of their initial use of the Website. Regarding any revision or correction of the information contained on this website; Kimpur is the only authorized party that is entitled to carry out processes such as changing, revising, correcting and removing any of the information contained on the Website at any time it wishes, without prior notice.  It is the responsibility of the Website user to regularly check this legal warning in order to be informed of any published changes in a timely manner. Anyone who continues to use the Website after any changes is deemed to have accepted the changes in the “Terms of Use”.


Access to this Website may be suspended temporarily or permanently without any notice. Kimpur disclaims any liability for any damages and/or losses arising/which may arise from the information published on the Website or the transactions made based on such information, or any inability to access the Website. While Kimpur uses every effort to ensure that the information it provides to the users of the Website are correct, it does not give any explicit or implied guarantee about the accuracy of the information. Kimpur is not liable for incorrect or incomplete information. The publications on the Website do not include any commitment to any person and/or organization on any matter. Responsibility for any decision to be made in the light of the information contained on the Website fully rests with the person visiting the Website. Kimpur cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect losses or damages that may arise from access to the Website or to any Website information accessed through any link on the Website, or from any use of them.


The Website may also contain information provided by third parties. Third parties are responsible for ensuring that their materials published on this Website comply with national and international legislation. Kimpur cannot guarantee the accuracy of these materials, and it expressly declares that it shall not assume any liability for any pecuniary/non-pecuniary losses or damages that may arise from any error, omission or deficiency in the materials or any misrepresentation, any failure or alleged failure in the performance of the services promised in the materials, or in the event of the bankruptcy or liquidation of any firm, company or individual that provides the services announced on the Website. The accuracy and up-to-date status of the information provided must be approved by the organizations concerned.


Kimpur is not responsible or liable for the use of the Website or inability to use it or any problem in using it due to any information provided on it or any actions and decisions taken based on the Website, or for materials contained on the Website, or for damages arising from any decision or action taken after the use of the Website, whether such damages arise under contract or in tort or otherwise (including but not limited to damages arising from loss of business, or loss of profit).



Kimpur does not warrant that the information contained on this Website is complete and accurate or that there will be uninterrupted access to the Website. The statements contained on this Website do not constitute legal undertakings/commitments and they are not binding. Kimpur gives no express, implied or legal guarantees through the said information, including but not limited to any warranty as to non-infringement of the rights of third parties, ownership, merchantability, suitability for a particular purpose and/or absence of any computer viruses. All kinds of information, reports, graphics and similar electronic documents contained or can be possibly contained on this Website are prepared by Kimpur for general information purposes without any financial interests. The accuracy of these information and documents contained on the Website is not guaranteed against errors arising due to typographical errors, software errors, transfer errors, system corruption or hacking, and the said information are not provided for the purpose of generating any revenue. For this reason, Kimpur cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect pecuniary/non-pecuniary damages and expenses that may arise from any errors and deficiencies in the electronic documents contained on this Website or transactions made based thereupon. Kimpur and/or its employees shall not be liable for any damages including but not limited to those losses, damages and costs arising directly or indirectly due to any failure, errors, omissions, downtime, faults, delays in transfer, computer viruses or line or system failure that may occur during the use of this Website, even if they were notified of the possibility of such damages in advance. In line with this information, Kimpur is in no way liable for any errors or pecuniary or non-pecuniary damages that may arise from the information and visual materials contained on this Website.



“Cookie” is a type of software that can be sent to your computer. “Cookies” serve to collect and manage the information about how our websites and services are used. If we send a “cookie” to your computer, it will not collect any data about you without your knowledge and consent. Until such consent, “cookies” will only monitor general usage patterns and will not be used to identify you as an individual.



Istanbul Courts and Bailiff’s Offices shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes that may arise in relation to the terms of use, which are governed by Turkish Law.