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Ergonomic, Lightweight and Durable Steps

KIMfoot® footwear systems have a wide variety of products and are classified in different groups based on their areas of usage. These systems are developed to meet the special needs of each subgroup and can be applied by injection or low-pressure machines.

Kimpur has a wide range of solutions, from the production of low-density slippers to safety shoes requiring high flexibility and resistance.

Kimpur, developing specially tailored polyurethane systems to make all kinds of footwear and footwear systems. Comfortable footwear systems produced on request are used in unit sole systems, slipper systems, insole PU systems, safety shoe systems and boot systems.

Usage Areas

The cost and production efficiency are the most...

Slipper Systems

Various sole systems are available in order...

Sole Systems

In addition to the properties required for a standard...

Safety Shoe Sole Systems

Thanks to Boot Systems flexibility, double or single...

PU Boot Systems