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Excellent Performance

Rigid systems that fall into the polyurethane system category are hardened due to the closed cells in their structure and the thermal conductivity coefficient (lambda) is lower than other insulating materials like wood rock wool and polystyrene. For this reason, the rigid systems have much better heat insulation properties than other insulating materials.

KIMrigid® Rigid Foam Systems are designed and produced at Kimpur System Facilities. That systems used in many special, sectoral applications.

  • Continue and discontinue panel systems (PIR and PUR)
  • MW / EPS panel adhesive systems
  • Solar panel systems
  • Boiler systems
  • Refrigerator systems
  • Shutter systems
  • Pipe insulation systems
  • Wood-imitation systems
  • Spray systems
  • Cold room storage systems

Usage Areas

Kimrigid Pipe Insulation the striking...

Pipe Insulation Systems

It is a pentane-based (cp70 or cp95) polyol...

Refrigerator Systems

Safe and Sustainable Structures

Sandwich Panel Systems

Kimrigid Spray Systems are polyurethane...

Spray Systems

With Energy to The Future

Solar Panel and Boiler Systems

Kimrigid MW/EPS Panel Bonding Systems...

MW/EPS Panel Bonding Systems

Shutter & Sectional Door Systems, are 3-30 mm polyurethane-filled...

Shutter&Sectional Door Systems

Wood Imitation Systems, it is a product...

Wood Imitation Systems

Kimrigid® Systems offer exceptional storage...

Cold Room Systems