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23-25 April 2024

Stand No: D5

MECC Maastricht NL

UTECH 2024 Spotlight: Kimpur is Advancing the Circular Economy with Sustainable, Eco-Friendly and Value-Added Products

Step into the world of sustainable innovation at UTECH 2024 in Maastricht, NL, from April 23-25. Kimpur is thrilled to showcase our latest eco-innovations that are set to redefine the polyurethane industry. Join us at stand D5 for an immersive experience in environmental stewardship and advanced material science.

What Awaits You? Revolutionary Concepts and Tangible Sustainability:

Polyester Polyol Synthesis from PET Bottle Wastes and Commercial Use in Polyurethane Systems

Unveil the ingenuity behind Kimpur’s polyester polyol – repurposed from PET bottle waste into high-quality, eco-friendly materials for slippers. The system doesn’t compromise their physical and mechanical properties compared to standard systems. We are able to obtain roughly 20% of the polyester polyol used in the production of slippers from PET waste and roughly 17% from bio based raw materials. Since it enables the production of slippers with the first elastic structure made from PET waste, this technology is unique.

Experience firsthand how these advancements preserve both the robustness of the materials and the planet.

Graphene-Based KIMflex® Sound Insulation Systems

Light vehicle design has gained major importance in the automotive industry in order to save energy With composite parts used in new
generation vehicles, fuel consumption is reduced by making the vehicle lighter

Hence, it is known that polyurethane systems, with their lightness feature, provide loss of weight in vehicles and create less emissions with less use of energy. Therefore, polyurethane systems are frequently preferred in the automotive industry, from vehicle seat production to sound insulation. Graphene, being defined as the miracle material of recent years, has further strengthened this feature of polyurethane foam Thanks to their lightness, graphene based polyurethane foams increase the performance of sound insulation without affecting the total weight of the car. As a result of studies performed, it has been determined that graphene based sound insulation systems provide up to 65% improvement in sound absorption compared to standard systems.

Graphene Based KIMflex®  HR Foam Systems

By utilizing graphene, a carbon based recycling material obtained from automotive tires, in the production of HR Foam Systems used in the production of automotive and office seats, We improve the mechanical properties of our products without requiring the use of extra materials, while both preventing material consumption and reducing carbon dioxide emissions in its production. Improvements in the mechanical properties of HR foam systems obtained with the use of graphene compared to standard systems were observed, and the test results are given in Table 2.

Bio-Based KIMrigid® Continuous Sandwich Panel System

Our bio-based KIMrigid® continuous sandwich panel systems represent a leap forward in eco-conscious construction solutions, boasting an impressive 15% bio content. Our bio-based sandwich panels offer not just structural integrity, but also a clear path towards a greener future. By incorporating renewable resources into our products, we’re helping to reduce carbon footprint without compromising on quality or durability.

Bio-Based, KIMrigid® Discontinuous Sandwich Panel System

Experience our visionary KIMrigid® Discontinuous Sandwich Panel Systems, designed not only to conserve energy but to redefine its usage. We are cutting energy demands by 30% through smart, recyclable materials, making green living a reality.

Innovative Systems: Harnessing Compatibility with New Generation Blowing Agents
KIMcool® Refrigerator System

Introducing our latest innovation in refrigeration technology: the KIMcool® refrigerator system, designed to harmonize seamlessly with new generation bloing agents. With our cutting-edge energy-efficient insulation, we’ve achieved up to 15% energy savings compared to traditional systems.

By incorporating state-of-the-art refrigerants, our KIMcool®  system not only preserves your food but also helps preserve the planet. In fact, by using our energy-efficient insulation, a single refrigerator can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 77 kg annually. To put that into perspective, 77 kg of CO2 emissions is equivalent to the emissions produced by an average diesel car traveling approximately 370 km.

Experience the future of refrigeration with KIMcool®   where sustainability meets innovation.

KIMrigid® Solar Energy and Boiler System

Envision a greener future with our eco-conscious insulation systems, including solar panels and boiler systems that harness the energy of the sun. These systems exemplify our dedication to reducing environmental impact with new generation agents, transforming the way we utilize natural energy.

KIMspray® System

Discover how KIMspray® systems exemplify the fusion of peak performance with environmental mindfulness. Boasting significantly reduced Global Warming Potential (GWP), our solutions stand as a testament to responsible innovation, catering to those who place the planet at the pinnacle of their priorities.

KIMrigid® Sandwich Panel System

Discover the advanced KIMrigid® sandwich panel system, designed to set new standards in thermal insulation for buildings. Our innovative system incorporates next-generation blowing agents that are compatible with an array of materials, offering a remarkable 20% increase in thermal insulation performance compared to conventional systems. Our KIMrigid® system utilizes panels that are 20% thinner than traditional options. This not only reduces the structural load on buildings but also enhances thermal performance without compromising on durability or effectiveness. By integrating cutting-edge technology with our expert engineering, we’ve created a solution that delivers superior insulation, increased energy efficiency, and greater environmental sustainability.