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What is Spray Polyurethane Foam? Benefits, Application and More...

What is Spray Polyurethane Foam? Benefits, Application and More…

Spray polyurethane foams or SPF are Polyurethane based insulation materials that can be sprayed onto surface by spray application method with the support of high-pressure machine equipment. After spraying, within seconds, spray polyurethane can easily take the shape of foam and become effective for insulation.

What Is Polyol? What Are The Types of Polyol?

Polyols are reactive stocks that contain at least 2 functional groups and through these groups, they react with isocyanate (NCO) groups to form their polyurethane structure. Polyols can be classified as several different groups in their areas of usage. Polyols are separated into two groups
Ayakkabı Sektöründe Poliüretan Kullanımı

The Use Of Polyurethane In The Footwear Industry

Polyurethane is commonly preferred in the footwear industry, since it meets the main criteria to produce soles, slippers, and insoles thanks to its features such as comfort, flexibility, durability and lightness. It is used in a wide area from the production of low-density slipper soles