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A competency-based recruitment and placement system is applied, based on the principle of recruiting the employees who will adopt the values of the company and are energetic, disciplined, honest and teamwork-oriented as well as being suitable for the qualifications required for the job.

The recruitment is performed by evaluating the current requirements and budgets approved in line with our annual business plans.

To make a job application, you can review the Career section.

The purpose of the Performance Management System is to guide the employees towards the company’s goals and to ensure the sustainability of individual and team performance by ensuring the development of employees and establishing the working conditions that they can fulfill their potential at the highest level.

At the beginning of each year, the departmental objectives are set according to the company’s main objectives and strategies. Every employee knows what their goals and priorities are, and what is expected from them, and participates in the formation of their own performance plan. Employees, who meet with their managers at least 3 times a year, monitor their progress with constant feedbacks and contribute to the formation of training and development plans.

It involves the determination, planning and fulfillment of the training and development needs and the measurement of effectiveness in order to evaluate the employee performance and potential by taking into consideration of the organizational requirements.

Training Planning: At the end of each year, the employee and manager make a training and development plan based on the performance and competency evaluation results of the previous year. The training requirements assessed by Human Resources are evaluated according to the criteria such as the departmental suitability, budget, strategic priorities and included in the Training Plan.

Orientation: The presentations are made to the beginners about the company, systems and departments. As a part of the orientation process for new employees, the purpose is to make the orientation period easier and more efficient and provide detailed information through the comprehensive internal trainings to be given in the following period.

Internal Training/Technical Training: They are given in the form of workshops and seminars by the authorized trainees about the functioning of the employees in their own department and the functioning of other departments.

External Trainings: They are individual development and vocational technical trainings organized by Human Resources through the professional training organizations in line with the needs of the employees in the performance management system.

Kimpur’s wage management is based on the employees’ education levels, experience, competencies, performances and the market value of position.

All the information about the wages is confidential.

Each year, a KAT group is established with the participation of volunteers, and various activities are organized in line with the annual budget. In addition, the employees come together out of office hours in picnics, meals, sports activities and volunteer aid activities.