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Kimpur has been Included in the BIST Sustainability Index

Kimpur, dedicated to creating a sustainable future for the next generations through its sustainability endeavors, is now listed on the BIST Sustainability Index. Comprised of publicly traded companies, the index recognizes Kimpur for its outstanding sustainability performance. Evaluated by Refinitiv among nearly 500 chemical companies globally, Kimpur stands at the 104th position. Notably, Kimpur’s environmental score of 75 highlights its process in sustainability practices.

Emphasizing the significance of sustainability in its business approach and responsibility towards future generations, Kimpur takes a leading role as a nature-conscious and socially responsible company. Adhering to the approach that sustainable growth is not feasible without creating value in environmental and social contexts, the company continues its endeavors. Kimpur has earned its place in the Sustainability Index established by Borsa İstanbul, aligning with the sustainability efforts of companies within the BIST 100 Index. The company surpasses the minimum 40 points set for the environmental, social, and governance categories required for the index, elevating its overall score to approximately 70 points. Simultaneously, the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy is assessed, and it achieves A+ performance with a score of 91. This notable CSR strategy score reflects the company’s adept strategy in sustainability and social responsibility. Demonstrating its commitment once again by placing sustainability at the heart of its business strategy, Kimpur aims to set rigorous standards in environmental, social, and governance aspects, with the goal of creating lasting value for its stakeholders.

Kimpur CEO Cavidan Karaca highlights the importance of being part of the BIST Sustainability Index as a significant achievement for the company’s sustainability performance. “At Kimpur, we place great importance on our sustainability initiatives and continually strive for self-improvement in this field. Ranking 104th among approximately 500 chemical companies globally, evaluated by Refinitiv, is a source of great pride for us. Our inclusion in the BIST Sustainability Index not only acknowledges our efforts but also signifies progress toward our goal of building a sustainable business structure for the future. These independent assessments are a significant reflection of our efforts and achievements in the field of sustainability.

We are aware of our environmental and social responsibilities, and we consistently work towards fulfilling these commitments. Offering sustainable solutions to our customers through innovation-driven products and technologies is our focus. Additionally, we implement production processes that preserve nature and use resources efficiently. Our contributions to social responsibility projects aim to make a positive impact on society. In our 40th year, we granted scholarship support to 40 students. Our aim is to progressively increase our support for university students and young talents. Our goal is to create a sustainable world both environmentally and socially, and to sustain our leadership in the industry in line with this vision.”

Step by Step for a Sustainable Future

As a leading company in the polyurethane industry, Kimpur continues to enhance its sustainability efforts with 40 years of experience and a commitment to responsibility towards the environment and society. Derya Esnaf, Director of Marketing and Sustainability at Kimpur, expressing the company’s responsibility for shaping not only today but also the future, states, ‘Our membership in Responsible Care® and UN Global Compact demonstrates our commitment to the principles of global agreements and our determination to achieve sustainability goals. While reinforcing our environmental commitments with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate, we support eco-friendly practices with our renewable energy facilities in Gebze and Düzce factories. By using renewable products contributing to the circular economy in our production processes, we further enhance our sustainability efforts. Actively participating in international projects on recycling, we advance our efforts in this regard through collaborations domestically and abroad. Calculating our water and carbon footprints annually, we continue our commitment to optimizing our environmental performance through improvements aimed at reducing these impacts. In the context of reducing our carbon footprint, we have created a memorial forest in Izmit by donating 10,000 saplings to the Aegean Forest Foundation. With our commitment to gender equality and diversity principles, we implement various policies and practices to ensure equal opportunities in employment, wages, and career development.Our new LEED-certified office is a testament to our company culture, harmonizing environmental consciousness with our business practices. Furthermore, we have revitalized our sustainability reporting since 2020, addressing all our functions and impacts on stakeholders in this year’s integrated report.”

Kimpur, a manufacturer of polyurethane systems utilized in the footwear, automotive, furniture, insulation-construction, and heating-cooling sectors, is committed to ongoing initiatives across all operational and production domains, aiming to benefit the environment and society while fostering a sustainable future.