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Kimpur’s KIMrigid® PIR 205 Product Proves Its High Performance with FM Approval Certificate

Kimpur, known for its production of polyurethane systems used in the footwear, automotive, furniture, insulation-construction, heating-cooling, and defense industries, has achieved yet another success in collaboration with Aluform Pekintaş. Aluform Pekintaş has obtained the FM Approval certificate from FM Global, a leading international risk and insurance management company, for Kimpur’s KIMrigid® PIR 205 product, which is used for insulation purposes in sandwich panel manufacturing.

Turkey’s leading manufacturer of 100% domestic polyurethane systems, Kimpur, continues to provide tailored solutions to its customers through technology and R&D investments. Sandwich panel manufacturer Aluform Pekintaş has earned the globally recognized and accepted FM Approval certificate from FM Global’s independent testing division for Kimpur’s KIMrigid® PIR 205 product. As a result of the strong efforts of Kimpur and Aluform Pekintaş, it has been confirmed that the product meets the quality, technical integrity, and performance standards. Kimpur’s KIMrigid® Sandwich Panel Systems, developed for the production of polyurethane foam that allows for safe and sustainable structures with high fire resistance and excellent thermal insulation properties, offer many advantages including high mechanical and thermal properties, dimensional stability, and low thermal conductivity.

The tests for the 4880, 4881, and 4471 certificates, which were applied for FM Approval certification, have also been successfully completed. The room fire test under the scope of the 4880 certificate was successfully conducted, and the roof panel wind test under the scope of the 4881 certificate surpassed the highest values, reaching 165 psf. The facade wind test conducted under the scope of the 4471 certificate achieved the “+/- 75 psf Zone TC” values for the tropical zone category.

Investigated, Tested, and Approved

FM Approval is a highly regarded and rigorous certification process on a global scale. The FM Approval process, led by FM Global, requires products to undergo independent laboratory testing and meet specific standards. To obtain FM Approval certification, products are subjected to meticulous testing in the United States. During these tests, the products’ fire resistance and safety are evaluated, while their production processes and quality control procedures are thoroughly examined and scrutinized. Through the collaboration between Kimpur and Aluform Pekintaş, two successful audit processes were completed, confirming that the product meets the required performance, safety, and quality criteria.

Kimpur, Secures Reliability and Quality

Emrah Akbaş, the R&D Manager in Kimpur, emphasized that they make a difference in all areas they operate with their innovative products and solutions, stating: “We are delighted to add another success to our achievements in the field of quality through our product KIMrigid® PIR 205 and our strong collaboration with Aluform Pekintaş. Polyurethane fillings play a crucial role in the production of sandwich panels, which provide advantages such as thermal insulation and fire resistance in buildings. Our customer, Aluform Pekintaş, a sandwich panel manufacturer, has obtained the FM Approval certificate with our KIMrigid® PIR 205 product used for insulation purposes. With the successful results obtained from the tests conducted within the scope of FM Approval certification, our company once again demonstrates its commitment to providing our customers with more reliable and high-quality products.”

Since May 2017, Kimpur has been certified as an R&D Center by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and will continue to produce sustainable and high-value-added products.