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Kimpur Supports Its Sustainability Vision with Its New Green Office, Enhancing an Eco-Friendly Working Environment

Kimpur Celebrates 40 Years of Experience in Its Environmentally Friendly New Office!

Kimpur, Turkey’s 100% domestic polyurethane system manufacturer, has taken a new step to strengthen its environmentally friendly and sustainability-focused approach. Celebrating its 40 years of experience, the company moves to a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified new office, aiming to blend environmental consciousness with its way of doing business and enhance the well-being of its employees. The new office not only advances the company’s commitment to environmental goals but also highlights its leadership in the field of sustainability.

One of the well-established companies in the polyurethane sector, Kimpur, continues to take ambitious steps towards the future. Conscious of its responsibility to the environment and society, the company is moving towards its environmentally friendly and sustainability-oriented principles by relocating to its newly designed office Crowned with its 40 years of experience, the company’s LEED-certified new office not only solidifies its environmental commitment but also prioritizes the comfort of its employees, aiming to enhance their productivity and motivation. With the new office space expanding by 56%, Kimpur not only adapts to its growing organizational structure but also provides employees with a user-friendly, spacious, and comfortable work environment.

The new office, which utilizes innovative and environmentally friendly technologies, highlights Kimpur’s commitments to the future, while also featuring a design that takes into consideration the comfort and happiness of the employees. The company, by complementing its 40 years of experience with a new, modern, and spacious working environment, aims to elevate the productivity and motivation of its employees to the highest level.

The new office has successfully met various criteria required for LEED certification, receiving high scores in areas such as energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, indoor air quality, and environmental sensitivity. This office, utilizing innovative and environmentally friendly technologies, supports the effective use of natural resources, enabling Kimpur to take a significant step in its sustainability journey.


A Model for Building a Green Tomorrow

Kimpur aims to be an exemplary model for the sustainability of the future, focusing on minimizing environmental impact and utilizing resources in a sustainable manner. Through the incorporation of solar panels and energy-efficient lighting systems in its new office, it works to minimize energy consumption and reduce its carbon footprint. Moreover, the company strives to contribute to energy savings with environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems.

Kimpur’s environmentally conscious design approach offers a work environment that is in harmony with nature by enriching the office with natural vegetation and illuminating indoor spaces with natural light. The office, surrounded by green areas, enhances employee productivity while simultaneously creating an atmosphere that is connected to nature. Committed to achieving a zero-waste goal, Kimpur works steadfastly, reducing waste by employing recycled materials in its new office and supporting recycling programs. Its innovative approach to waste management maximizes its contributions to the environment.

The new office is designed with a focus on employee comfort and happiness. Spacious and well-lit work areas draw in natural light to encourage employees to be more energetic and motivated. Ergonomic furniture and flexible workspaces provide a healthy working environment while also enhancing employee productivity.


Environmentally Friendly Approach and Employee Satisfaction Converge in the New Office

Emphasizing their commitment to leaving a more livable world for future generations, Kimpur’s Marketing and Sustainability Director, Derya Esnaf, stated the following about the new office: “At Kimpur, we are conscious of our responsibility to the environment and society. With this awareness, we view our sustainability vision as the guarantee of our future. Our LEED-certified new office, integrated with eco-friendly practices and sustainability principles, signifies a strong step we have taken to reach our goals as a company. Equipped with energy efficiency, water conservation, and environmentally friendly technologies, our office brings together the environment and employee comfort, reflecting a part of our vision to leave a more livable world for future generations.

Kimpur’s Human Resources Director, Türker Tuncer, highlighted that the newly LEED-certified office was meticulously designed to enhance employee comfort and productivity. He stated, “The happiness and well-being of our employees are fundamental priorities for our company. Our office, equipped with details like spacious and open work areas, ergonomic furniture, and natural lighting, offers a workspace that supports our employees’ motivation. Prioritizing our employees’ happiness, commitment to the organization, and work motivation, we value contributing to their continuous success and career development. With our new office, we not only provide a better working experience for our employees but also contribute to the company’s progress in line with our sustainability goals. As the Kimpur family, we will continue to work with excitement to build a better future together.

By relocating to its new office, Kimpur not only reaffirms its commitment to sustainability, but also aims to provide its employees with an enhanced working experience, thereby increasing their motivation and productivity. The company aims to continue building a strong foundation by combining sustainability and employee happiness for future growth and success.