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Perfect Driving Comfort with KIMflex Sound Insulation System!

Today’s technological developments have provided great convenience to lives, but with some disadvantages, of which one is noise pollution.

The excessive increase of noise pollution in recent years has raised the need for sound insulation.

Having gained importance in many different industries and fields, the sound insulation has become a determining factor in the automotive industry.

Today, internal noise factor plays a significant role in consumer’s preference of automotive brand, which has led to increase in inherited competition between automotive companies and required insulation materials to be constantly improved.

Flexible sound insulation foams, designed to achieve sound insulation in the automotive industry, are preferred more than any other insulation materials, due to their open-cell pore structures, lightweight and easy applicability, and contribute to the overall sustainability performance in vehicles. Sound insulation solutions significantly reduce the noise in vehicles and offer a pleasant driving opportunity for drivers.

Kimpur, with an aim to provide a comfortable driving and traveling experience, has developed KIMflex High-Density Sound Insulation System with superior advantages.

For more detailed information about our system, you may download the brochure below.

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1 KIMflex Sound Insulation System İndir