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Clean Energy For Export From Kimpur In Compliance With The EU Green Deal

Our company has taken an important step for the necessary transformations in industrial production of the EU Green Agreement, which has the potential to affect almost everything from industry to exports, from access to finance to the functioning of the economy. Our company, which will install a solar power plant on the roof of our factory building in Gebze, will obtain approximately 20 percent of the energy required for production from clean energy.

It is of great importance to reduce the carbon footprint and increase the share of clean energy in production processes within the scope of the transformations envisaged for harmonization with the EU Green Deal announced on 11 December 2019 and for maintaining competitiveness in exports, which has the power to determine everything from our economy to our industry, from our access to finance to our exports. We became one of the first companies to make pioneering investments in order to ensure the necessary transformations regarding the harmonization process with the EU Green Consensus, for which the Turkey Ministry of Commerce has prepared an Action Plan containing 32 targets and 81 actions under 9 main headings. As one of the largest exporters of polyurethane manufacturers, we signed a contract with Schmid Pekintaş Güneş Enerji Sistemleri San. ve Tic. Inc regarding an investment for a solar power plant.

Within the scope of the signed agreement, our company is planning to save at least 15-20% of the total electricity consumption under the current capacity and production conditions, while saving on the electricity costs it will generate with this investment. At the same time, annual carbon emissions of approximately 200-250 tons/year will be prevented. Regarding the subject CEO Cavidan Karaca stated that:

As the largest exporter company in the polyurethane sector, we are happy to take a pioneering step with our solar power plant investment in line with the action plans prepared by the EU Green Agreement and our Ministry of Trade. Within the scope of social responsibility awareness, which is one of the core values of our company, to benefit from solar energy, which is a renewable and clean energy source, in production, to produce environmentally friendly solutions in the industry as well as to contribute to the policies of our country’s economy to reduce foreign dependence on energy and to reduce the energy costs of our company in export and domestic production. We aim to strengthen our competitive structure in export and domestic the markets by benefiting from solar energy, which is our  renewable and clean energy source, in production and thereby producing environmental friendly solutions in the industry as well as contributing to policies of our country’s economy to reduce foreign dependence on energy and to reduce to energy cost of our company. In this context, we will strengthen our investments and continue to contribute to the transformation of industry and economy regarding sustainability.