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Huge investment from Kimpur to Düzce with a capacity of 65 thousand tons

The chemical industry company, Kimteks Poliuretan Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş(KİMPUR)., which is among the 500 largest industrial companies in Turkey completed its project design to establish a new production facility in Düzce and agreed with PEKİNTAŞ A.Ş. The famous architect Nevzat Sayın also worked on the project design of the construction.

Kimpur Chairman Leon Mizrahi, Kimpur CEO Cavidan Karaca, Pekintaş CEO Özhan Olcay and Düzce Project Architect Nevzat Sayın came together to celebrate the agreement of Kimpur’s sustainability and recycling focused Düzce investment.

The Duzce investment, whose total investment cost will exceed 15 Million USD, will be completed by Pekintaş A.Ş. An agreement was signed with the Group, amounting to approximately 9 million USD, including VAT.

The total investment annual capacity in Düzce Gümüşova OSB will be 65 thousand tons.

With the existing product group of 50 thousand tons of polyurethane systems, a recycling facility produced by synthesizing from PET residues within the scope of the green product range of 5 thousand tons, and polyester polyol, an additional production capacity of 10 thousand tons of ‘eva granule raw material’ will be reached in the period of 2022-2024

Sustainability-focused investment

Kimpur, with the polyurethane systems it produces; being used in different sectors such as footwear, automotive, furniture, heating-cooling and insulation-construction, takes important steps for a sustainable world with its investments. Within the scope of these steps; in order to benefit from solar energy, which is a renewable and clean energy source at Kimpur’s production facility in Düzce, and to produce environmentally friendly solutions, Kimpur cooperated withSchmid Pekintaş Güneş Sistemleri for the installation of a Solar Power Plant. With Kimpur SSP investment, the company aims to strengthen its competitive structure in export and domestic markets by reducing energy costs in production. Focusing on recycling in its new production facility in Düzce within the scope of its sustainability goals. Kimpur not only aims to meet approximately %55 of its electricity consumption with this investment, but also to reduce 679 tons carbon dioxide emmision annually.

We are increasing our production capacity!

Kimpur Chairman Leon Mizrahi stated that they have significantly increased their production capacity with a new investment of 65 thousand tons in Düzce, and said:

“We continue to invest with the confidence we have in the future of our country. While leading the transformation in our sector in line with global sustainability, circular economy and use of clean energy, we increase our export and competitive power in all aspects by increasing our scale with our new investment, due to which we significantly increased our production capacity.”

Kimpur’s CEO, Cavidan Karaca, said, “As the largest exporter company in the polyurethane sector, we will continue to increase our share in foreign markets by strengthening our investments with sustainability strategies.”