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Kimpur Accelerates the Industry with Its New Products

Kimpur Accelerates the Industry with Its New Products

Kimpur, which is only polyurethane system house among the top 10 companies that spend the most expenditure on R&D in Chemicals and Products sector in 2020 according to the R&D research conducted by Turkishtime last year, increased its investments also in 2021, including and launched 35 new products that appeals to many sectors such as shoes, automotive, furniture, construction

Kimpur Marketing Manager Derya Esnaf stated that they very well positioned ultra-low-density sports systems and ultra-low-density viscoelastic systems launched at the Putech Fair held in November 2021, that there is a high demand for these new products in domestic and foreign markets, and that that they contributed to the sector in terms of production efficiency and sustainability by developing high performance products at lower densities.

Stating that they accelerated the sector in the first months of the year by launching two more new products that made a difference in the sector in January-February 2022, Esnaf conveyed that these products are the newly added slippers and winter systems newly edit to one of Kimpur’s product groups, the KIMfoot® Shoe Systems.

KIMfoot® Panduff System is used in the production of slippers, soft carpet slippers and slipper midsole. The system, with its 300-350 kg/m3 density and 30±5 ShA hardness features, offers manufacturers the opportunity to work at low intensity, while providing high comfort to its users at home.

High flex performance at very low temperatures!

The KIMfoot ® Winter Sole System has many distinctive features when compared to standard winter systems. With its mold density of 450-500 kg/m3 it provides the opportunity to work at a lower density, provides comfortable and solid steps at low temperatures by showing high elasticity even at  20 °C, and increases the production efficiency with the advantage of 10-15% more weight. However, it also has superior advantages such as shiny skin, high slip resistance and low operating rate.