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Kimpur Returns With Award From ‘Great Place to Work’

Carrying out works that benefit the environment, society and employees in all areas where it operates for a sustainable future, Kimpur continues to make a difference in corporate culture and employee experience. The company, which always focuses on the satisfaction and development of its employees, is happy to carry the ‘Great Place to Work®’ title with the award it received in the 100-249 Employees.

Chemical industry company Kimteks Poliuretan Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., (KİMPUR), which is among the 500 largest industrial companies in Turkey has been included in the ‘2022 Turkey’s Best Employers’ list of the Great Place to Work Institute by fulfilling the criteria of a great workplace with a positive employee experience and high trust culture . The company, which has registered its approach that focuses on employee satisfaction with the ‘Great Place to Work®’, always attaches importance to developing best practices and solutions for all its employees.

Being listed in the Category of 100-249 Employees in the research conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute, Kimpur is happy to crown this success with an award to create a workplace environment that its employees will be proud of, to protect the safety and health of all employees, to create employee loyalty, to provide equal employment and to support employees’ competencies and business skills, implementation of the plans are among The the main priorities of the company, which focuses on the experience of its employees and does not compromise on its approach to creating a happy working environment

“We always aim for the best for the satisfaction of our employees”

Expressing that they are proud to have been deemed worthy of an award as a result of the evaluations made at global standards by the Great Place To Work Institute, one of the global authorities on corporate culture, Kimpur CEO Cavidan Karaca adds: We aim for the best. We support this approach with various practices in our journey to create an environment and space where our employees are happy. As a result of the evaluation made by Great Place to Work, we are very happy to be able to show the value we give to our employees. We strive to achieve only the best, regardless of age, race, colour, national origin, creed, gender, disability or religion, to ensure equal employment opportunity.”

Adopting the principle of disseminating gender equality among all employees and raising awareness, supporting women throughout their careers, increasing the female employment rate and ensuring gender equality in leadership, Kimpur also draws attention with its 40% female employment and 43% female executive ratio among white collar employees. Last year, Kimpur was awarded the “Great Place to Work” certificate with a 75% survey result.