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Kimpur Shares Second Sustainability Report

Working for a better future, KİMPUR shared its 2021 Sustainability Report

Aiming to leave a more livable world for future generations with its work in the field of sustainability, Kimpur has published its 2021 Sustainability report. Export record holder Kimpur, who has taken important steps in energy saving and gender equality and made important commitments to its international stakeholders in environmental, economic and social fields, noted in the report that as the chemical industry company of the future, it has taken an important step by increasing the use of bio-based raw materials.

The chemical industry company, Kimteks Poliuretan Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., KIMPUR, ranking 314th among Turkey’s top 500 industrial enterprises, has published its 2021 Sustainability Report, which is the second report that includes its work in the field of sustainability, to do the best for society and the environment. The report of Kimpur, the 100% domestic polyurethane system house with Turkey’s largest production capacity and sales volume, includes environmental, social and economic impacts of activities carried out within the scope of the sustainability strategy, as well as the measurement, monitoring and improvement steps taken in management. The report, which presents the sustainability perspective and has been prepared in accordance with GRI Standards, comprises the activities of the company between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021.

Further steps in energy saving and gender equality

With its polyurethane systems used in different sectors such as footwear, automotive, furniture, heating and cooling and insulation-construction, Kimpur leads the sector by exporting to more than 45 countries. Continuing its activities with the awareness that sustainable growth is not possible without creating environmental and social value, Kimpur has made important commitments to its international stakeholders in reducing carbon and plastic footprints in its 2021 report. The 2021 Sustainability Report of Kimpur, which aims to reduce damage to nature during its activities under the headings values added to product, energy, waste, water, carbon and plastic management. Saving 7.06% in energy in 2021, adopting the principle of disseminating gender equality among all employees and raising awareness, supporting women throughout their careers, increasing the rate of female employment and ensuring gender equality in leadership, Kimpur drew attention with 41% female employment and 44% female executive ratio among white collar employees. Increasing the total training hours from 3,412 in 2020 to 3,619 in 2021, the company increased the total training hours by 6% and reduced the accident frequency rate by 99%.

‘All our activities comply with sustainability standards’

Cavidan Karaca, CEO of Kimpur, gave the following information about the sustainability studies and report: “We have accelerated our product studies that minimize environmental impacts in our production processes. We became a member of the Business Plastics Initiative (IPG). We received our ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System certificate. We achieved 7.06% energy savings. We signed a contract for the use of solaŗ energy system and renewable energy resources at the Gebze production facility. We continued our activities in line with the sustainability principle with the Carbon and Water Footprint Calculation steps based on ISO 14064 and ISO 14046 standards. We have started our infrastructure studies for the SA 8000 Social Responsibility Management System, a global standard on human rights management, and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in order to continuously improve our environmental performance.”

Increased use of biobased raw materials

Karaca stated that R&D studies, which contributed significantly to efficiency and savings, continued rapidly in 2021, and that the Kimpur R&D Center carried out 35 product designs and continued as follows: “We have designed special products that make a difference for our customers with their performance. We continued to work on biobased projects. We increased the use of bio-based raw materials in the shoe product group. Behind all these achievements we have mentioned, we have come to the fore with our commitment to sustainability principles, our investments in R&D, innovation and technology, customer focus, technical support service and our human resources policies that we have established in direct proportion to the goal of being a good employer. In this growth journey, our priority is to create a corporate structure model that makes a difference in the sector in line with the principles of ‘sustainability’.